Santa Video for Kids: Two of the Best Personalized Santa Video’s

A personalized Santa video for kids is one way to capture the magic of Christmas for little ones and keep the spirit of Santa alive in your home this holiday season.


I remember Christmas as a child as though it were yesterday.

I remember the countless times I woke up in the early hours of Christmas morning to try to ‘catch’ Santa putting the presents under the tree. Surprisingly enough, I always just seemed to miss him.

But imagine this… your kids getting the opportunity to see Santa sipping on a glass of milk and eating home made cookies in their very own living room. The look on their faces would be classic.

Santa videos make awesome gifts for kids, so why not spoil them with a special Christmas treat this year? Do it while they are still young enough to believe in the magic that Santa brings.

Buy a Personalized Santa Video for Kids

OK, there really are only two big contenders in the Santa video market that you want to pay any attention to. One is the Santa Video and the other is PNP Portable Northpole.

Let’s go take a look at them.

1. The Santa Video

The Santa Video is a family owned and operated business that has been delivering Santa videos for kids since 2009. The Santa Video uses green screen technology to superimpose Santa right into your living room.

Your kids will think that Santa really did sneak into their home to drop of a load of Christmas presents.

The technology used by The Santa Video folks is simple to use and they offer both paid and free Santa videos.

Once you’ve created your video you’ll have the option of downloading a HD copy straight away, burning it to a DVD or posting the video to YouTube to share with friends and family. xxx

Santa Claus Enjoying Milk and Cookies

The good thing is that there is no waiting around. You get to download your video instantly! Here are the easy to follow steps to getting a personalized Santa video for your kids from the people at The Santa Video:

1 Upload your chosen picture.Be sure to upload a picture taken at night with a clear view of your Christmas tree.

2 Select your Santa Claus skit. There’s footage of Santa dropping off presents, helping himself to cookies and milk and pacing back and forth, as well as other options. Just select the one that appeals to you the most and off you.

3 Next, give your Santa footage a little ambiance by selecting some background music to set the video to.

And you’re done. You can order your Santa video for kids here.

2. PNP Portable Northpole – The Best Santa Video for the Kids

The other really big provider of personalized Santa messages to kids is a company called PNP Portable Northpole.

The videos are shot at Santa’s home in the Northpole, where he records messages which are totally personalized to you kids.

He’ll address them by their names, talk about where they live and old they are, as well as drop other little personalized snippets into his message. Santa even knows if your kids have been naughty or nice, so they’d better watch out.

PNP Portable Northpole Santa Video

You can choose from a free personalised Santa video or go for the premium option.

In addition to Santa’s personalized message, the premium video offers really cool things like:

  • Santa singing a personalized Christmas carol with his elves and additional scenes not included in the free video
  • A video of Santa merrily riding his sleigh
  • The option to add up to 5 personal photos to your video
  • As well as a personal phone call from Santa himself!

Each year PNP come out with cool new features and additional video footage which keeps everything exciting and fresh for the kids.

If you were to ask me which out of the two offered the best value for money…. I’d say it was PNP portable Northpole. Their videos for me, just have that extra edge that makes them even more special.

PNP are currently offering a 25% discount on their pre-order for the new November 2013 Santa videos, so be sure to place your order now.

NOTE: I’m not sure why I can’t copy the main link to their home page here, but if you click on the PNP logo on the top left of the page, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll be able to access the free Santa video.


Share your thoughts and experiences with a personalized Santa video for kids in the comments box below and don’t forget to share this post with anyone else interested in Santa videos.

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